My Journey in Pictures

Originally, I started out in 2001, shooting and editing video.  At that time weddings were my primary focus.  Then, in 2012, my grandson was born and my interest shifted to still photography. Now I think my grandson is among the most photographed kids in America. I was fortunate to make the transition from video to digital when I did, because it has allowed me to create some of our most treasured keepsakes.  To say that we have run out of wall space would be an understatement.  My grandson continues to be among my greatest inspirations.  I’d like to offer a special thank you to my assistant and model Doanh Tran who has helped me show case my work at Mount Rainier, The Lavender Farm and Chambers Bay.

The Lavender Farm is the perfect place to experience the fresh smell of Lavender.  This little farm is cast against the backdrop of this waterfront community.  A favorite destination for visitors to and residents of the Puget Sound.

The Tepp Family

Some of my most rewarding photo sessions are my family photo shoots.  I never really know what to expect. This is the Tepp Family from Kent, WA.  It has been a real joy getting them started with their very own Keepsake Collection. It provides them with an attractive show case; something to store their family photos in year and year.

Danh Nguyen, Class of 2018

Danh Nguyen, immigrated here from Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam in 2015.  She is graduating with honors from Cleveland High School and attending South Seattle College pursuing a career as a Nutritionist. Danh’s photos were shot with a combination of cameras and lenses. The primary lens was the Tamron 70-200, f/2.8 mounted on the Nikon D850 and the Sigma Art Glass 85mm f/1.4 Portrait Lens on the Nikon D750.  Some of her photos were taken with natural light and others were shot using the Phottix Indra 500 High Speed Sync lighting system.

The Chalana Pregnancy

This is the first of four shoots scheduled with Chalana to photo document her pregnancy.  In these first photos, she is 3 months along and has just learned that she will be giving birth to a baby girl.  Her next portrait session is scheduled in the fall at the 6th month mark.  Then we will do the 9th month and new born photos to complete the series.

Kristy Huynh, Class of 2015

It was 2015.  I was shooting with my first pro-cam, a Samsung NX-1 with an 85mm f/1.8 Portrait Lens.  Kristy was my first attempt at Senior Portraits.  I was nervous and fortunately, she made my job easy.  I hope you enjoy these photos of Kristy that I was able to capture at Three Tree Point and Coulon Park. I have since upgraded my equipment three times.  But the Samsung NX-1, was a perfect camera for me at that time.  Now, I shoot with two cameras, a Nikon D750, one of the fastest cameras Nikon has recently come out with as well as the Nikon D850, thought by many to be Nikon’s flagship of full-frame DSLR’s.  

Christopher Williams, Class of 2018

Christopher Williams came here with his family from Guam.  Christopher’s photo shoots were performed at the Space Needle and Pioneer Square.  What better landmarks to use for Senior Portraits?  Christopher’s portraits were taken using a Nikon D750 and a Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 lens with Phottix High Speed Sync Portable Flashes.


Some of these Dance Photos were taken under natural light in Pioneer Square.  Other’s demonstrate the low light capability of the Nikon D750 and Tamron 70-200 F/2.8 Lens as they were shot during performance with only minimal stage lighting.


These in studio portraits were shot against a black background with some special effects added as there were no windows, snow or trees.  Most of these editing effects were performed in Adobe Photoshop.

The Lanham & Powers Halloween Wedding

This destination wedding was shot, lakeside, just north of Charlotte, North Carolina.  It had all the fixings of a down home southern wedding with exception of the shotgun.

The Open Hearts Project

On March 11, 2018, I under went open heart surgery.  Following my surgery I wanted to do something to help increase awareness about this silent killer.  I decided I would photograph others who also had open heart surgery and tell their stories in hopes that by them sharing their stories, they would, in turn save lives.

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